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Custom Services For Technical

and Commercial Challenges

We offer a full suite of contract manufacturing services that will get your milk powder-based brands to market quickly and easily



Over 20 years’ experience in New Product Development and Contract Manufacturing means we can support you in markets across the world including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (inc. China)

Research, Design and Development


We innovate and create solutions at our food lab to develop new products in partnership with our customers. We have complete flexibility in a very controlled environment. Our scientific knowledge, combined with a database of nutrients, minerals and raw materials helps us get new products to the marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Our state of the art equipment allows us the flexibility to make short or long run batches, scaling as you grow. We operate to the strictest food quality and safety controls. We have achieved BRCGS Food Safety AA certification in all of our four separate food halls. 



Process Development

Our strong engineering and production know-how means we can develop the safest and most efficient systems to produce your product. We help you map each element from ingredients to blends to packaging and distribution.


​We have extensive experience in the area of packaging. Having worked for many years with corrugated, carton-board, rigid plastics and flexible packaging, we can advise you on the best solution for your product. Our long-term relationship with some of the leading packaging suppliers allows us access to expertise and preferential pricing, which we pass on to you.

Packaging we use:

Doy Packs

Stand up pouches

Pre-made bags

Carton packs

Plastic bottles

Plastic Tubs

Product Sleeving

3 and 4 sided flat sachets

Cardboard tubes


Packaging Formats




We ship directly to central distribution and end-customers on your behalf in Ireland, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and Far East markets.


We operate a system with full traceability.

Project Management

We have the people and processes to develop your project from concept to tangible product. We can manage the whole project including feasibility analysis, commercial viability, production processes, quality control, packaging and distribution. We can also coordinate the necessary inputs between the relevant partners, including external suppliers, customers, retailers, consultants or experts in other fields.

Our Services Cover Three Major Criteria

1/ Nutritional Specifications

We develop and manufacture products to specific nutritional requirements.

We have worked in partnership with our clients to develop complex and technical products in the field of Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP). These products are supplied to the national health services of the UK and Ireland. These products are for clinical use to treat malnutrition and other serious clinical conditions.

We have several new projects in development targeted at health conditions like diabetes and children’s nutrition. Our new product development department is working hand in hand with our clients to bring solutions targeted at providing real innovation in nutrition.

We have helped formulate sports nutrition products to comply with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). These sports nutrition products are formulated to meet the import registration requirements of EMEA. We produce sports nutrition to the very highest standards anywhere in the world.

2/ Commercial Specifications

We develop and manufacture products to specific unit price points.

We are commercially focused. We work with clients to ensure that the product we provide meets the margin requirements of each of the channel partners. This is the first step in our development process. We take the selling price to the end consumer and look at what the cost price needs to be to make this work financially. Only then do we go about finding a technical solution.

3/ Global Nutritional Compliance

We research and operate to geo-specific legal and compliance standards.

Every region and country has specific food safety and compliance regulations. A key element in our development service is to ensure the product we supply is capable of being exported to all of your intended markets now and in the future. This requires us to meticulously research the ingredients, packaging claims and labelling to ensure compliance. Because standards change on a regular basis, Complex Nutrition ensure we stay up to date and continually review the requirements of each target market. China is one of the more challenging markets for compliance. We currently produce several milk powder-based products for this market.

Services - 3 Major Criteria

Complex Nutrition has been contract blending a range of Gluten-Free mixes that Inno V has developed since 2013 and we have been thoroughly happy with their level of service particularly their allergen management systems which is so important for our customers.

Niamh Dixon

CEO and Founder

INNO V Food Solutions

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