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We develop outstanding products for new market entrants and established brands across global markets

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Complex Nutrition specialises in the production of milk powder-based products for a range of categories including foods for special medical purposes (FSMP), sports nutrition, children’s and senior nutrition, and other health-related products.

For over two decades, our clients have benefitted from a contract manufacturing partnership that is precisely tailored to their needs. We can offer you the same.


Whether you need manufacturing capacity or require our new product development services, we’ll work with you to meet your nutritional and commercial targets.

Market Categories


Foods for Special Medical Purpose


The demand for nutritional specifications in FSMP is becoming increasingly more comprehensive and sophisticated.  Our deep technical understanding of the specific requirements of each regulatory body, allows us to successfully launch new products in this category.


Childrens Nutrition

We develop products for children from the age of one year upwards. Our high-quality Irish milk powder is in demand around the globe. We have formulated products that are in use in Europe and Asia and in particular, China. Apart from delivering the correct balance of required micronutrients, we also ensure the product tastes great for children to enjoy.


Sports Nutrition

Nutrition to aid sporting performance is constantly evolving, as are the regulations. 

Whether athletes need to run faster, jump higher or lift heavier, we’ll tailor your product development to a specific nutritional need. Our continually updated library of approved ingredients and suppliers means your product can comply with each national or international sporting federation’s regulations.



General Health Foods

Our product development for retail addresses specific nutritional requirements like low and very low-calorie diet plans, energy, immunity, muscle and bone care, gut health, etc. We can build a bespoke nutritional solution to a specific price point for a defined target market. We use the experience we have gained to bring highly innovative and technical solutions to life.

Complex Nutrition have become a true partner to us all the way through the R&D, recipe development and manufacturing process. They have worked closely with us to bring amazing technical products to life.  This partnership offers us the opportunity to stay true to our purpose of creating 'Better Value and Better lives' for health economies and patients.  They are a pleasure to work with, and I hope to strengthen our partnership further in the future.

 Paul Gough, Founder


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